I’m glad you made it here. A brief intro…

I am Kwablavi Bless. Known as Bless Setor. I’m a student. I love photography. Photography has been a passion I developed over the past few years and I intend to make it big.

My mum is Gloria. She is currently a nurse at Battor Catholic Hospital. She is a super cool woman.

I have a sister who is sometimes annoying. Overall, she’s loving. Her name is Catherine. She’s a student at OLA Senior High School, Ho.

Meet Coco. A Basenji dog. Do you know that Basenji dogs are literally barkless? They are very loving and can familiarize themselves with anyone. Except the bad guys.

During my leisure times, I sneak out to the forest to take photographs. I love nature and always fascinated by it’s beauty.

Nature is beautiful. It has got lots of peace and beauty in it.

The only one I love most and cherish is Jesus. I love Him most because “He first loved us”.

As much as I love Christ, I love to travel as well. Join me on one of my trips let’s have fun!