Bless Setor

Experience the beauty of nature through my lens.

Bless Setor

Hi, I am Bless Setor.

I am an enthusiast self-taught nature photographer with experiences hanging out in nature and taking lots of landscape photographs. I am inspired by nature to explore and to capture its beauties.

I am fueled by my understanding of a forever changing world that could be frozen by simple photographs. My skills in photography are purely natural. I had no formal education or training to become a photographer. I just generated a kind of strong passion for it and it has now become my life.

Other great nature photographers inspires me as well. I follow their works closely and I love the works of Joel Sartore, an award winning National Geographic Photographer from the United States.

I am currently a student at the University of Ghana, East Legon, Ghana. I explore my region to take photos while I study. My life will, literally, be empty without nature and it’s exciting adventures.

I would so much love to take my nature photography to another level and probably make a career out of it. I still need some more gears to explore to higher heights. I believe things will work out for me.

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Be the change you want to see in the world

Mahatma gandhi

Almost every nature photographer says this. “I want to change the world with photography.”

I would also love to say the same thing but… I do not want to just change the world with photography. I want the world to see the importance of changing the negative approach towards nature.


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