Keep Pushing: Motivation

There are times that life may be a little bit slow for us. We want things moving faster. But they aren’t.

That’s probably because there is this one thing that keeps pushing us back.
When we find ourselves in those moments and situations, we need to push harder.

The harder we are able to push in life, the quicker the obstacles leave and the faster things will go.
Keep pushing.

Be like me!: Sunflower

Ever wondered why I follow the sun?

I do so not because it’s an easy task but because I need to. I need the sunlight in order to survive through the process of photosynthesis.

But you know, not only do I achieve my aim, I also get to have an advantage in pollination since warm flowers tend to attract insects.

Such is life. Oppotunities don’t come chasing you. Survival doesn’t come easy. You must endeavor to make an effort. Wake up everyday and chase that dream and trust me, not only will it pay off, it will come with bonuses.

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