My Last Photograph

I have asked myself a question many times but seem not to get to a solid answer. The question is, “What makes me a photographer? Is it the camera or myself?”

Some weeks back on our rice farm, I took a couple of nice shots. Upon getting back from the farm, I realized my camera isn’t working anymore. I ignored it because I was tired and would not be shooting anything again for some weeks. I got the battery charged though.

About a week ago, I picked up my camera for another shoot. It wasn’t turning on. I tried several methods and even went online for a solution. I found that lots of other photographers have similar situation…. To cut long story short, my camera is dead and I have no gear for taking new photographs now.

The question at the beginning now knocks at me. Without my camera, “am I a photographer?”

My Last Photograph

My last photograph

Photos From The Rice Farm

Our rice farm is getting bigger. It is November now but the rains seem not to stop. I recall last year about this same month, everything green was dry. Dust and haze filled the air. It’s the opposite this year.

But it’s good for us since our farm had very little rain the past two months to nourish our little rice growing. They are big now.

Some images

We will be harvesting soon; about some two months more.