Visit To The Beach

My friend, Sani, asked me, “Hey Bless, why don’t we go out to the beach this semester? You’ve never been to the beach, you know?” I said excited, “Yes, let’s go to the beach! I think It’ll be fun”

Visit to the beach

I was at the beach yesterday, Sunday 22. It was such an amazing experience.

At the beach.

It was sunny, the sky was blue and there were lots of people.

Labadi beach, Accra, Ghana

There were people riding horses. I saw a guy running with his dog too.

People riding horses
A guy running with dog.

I loved the beach. People swimming, water splashing… It was so much a fun day.

Sani wetting his legs.
A guy poses for a picture.
Standing with South African flag

I definitely will love to go on more adventures next semester in Accra, Ghana.

Hibiscus (rosa-sinensis)

I, usually, just take photos of nature, i.e leaves, flowers, bees, etc. and I don’t really research on them to find out their names, scientific names and all that stuff.

Last weekend, as I went on my “photographic day”, I saw this very pretty red flower. It’s very bright red petals caught me. I took pictures of it. Then, on my research, I found it’s a Hibiscus. Funny enough, I knew a hibiscus; in books and on the internet. But having met it was different.

The Hibiscus plant has dark green leaves.

This flower has its petals in various colors. There’s a red, white, pink and yellow.

The hibiscus buds blossom beautifully too. I could just sit and watch how lovely those buds open up to the sun. Yet it was a very sunny day so I left.

And I learnt the hibiscus is a fruit. Sort of. It is used for tea. How delicious will that be! I have never tasted some. I wish to try it some time.

One Fun Fact About The Hibiscus:

It is called the shoe flower. This is because the flowers were traditionally used to polish shoes in some African countries.

How was your weekend?