My Last Photograph

I have asked myself a question many times but seem not to get to a solid answer. The question is, “What makes me a photographer? Is it the camera or myself?”

Some weeks back on our rice farm, I took a couple of nice shots. Upon getting back from the farm, I realized my camera isn’t working anymore. I ignored it because I was tired and would not be shooting anything again for some weeks. I got the battery charged though.

About a week ago, I picked up my camera for another shoot. It wasn’t turning on. I tried several methods and even went online for a solution. I found that lots of other photographers have similar situation…. To cut long story short, my camera is dead and I have no gear for taking new photographs now.

The question at the beginning now knocks at me. Without my camera, “am I a photographer?”

My Last Photograph

My last photograph

Journey to New Discoveries.

It is said, “your first 10000 photographs are your worst.”

I believe I have passed this point; 10000 “bad” photographs. And I’m looking to take the good photographs now.

“A good photograph is one that communicates a fact, touches the heart and leaves the viewer a changed person for having seen it. It is, in a word, effective.”

Irving Penn

I have prepared a 20 days journey to discovering what the good photograph is like.

I want to take a photograph that, without caption, can tell the viewer a whole lot of story. I want to tell stories with my camera; what I feel when I take that shot.

It’s 1/20 for me today.